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Petits Fours - CC1007

cc1007"Petits Fours"

Sebastian Comberti
Julia Desbruslais
Ben Chappell
Sarah Butcher


Cello Classics explores the world of ensemble works for 4 Cellos, featuring little known gems by some of those best qualified to write for the instrument - the great Cellist-Composers of the 19th Century. Offenbach was a virtuoso himself, and his Adagio and Scherzo have only recently come to light. Grützmacher, Klengel and Fitzenhagen taught at the major conservatories in Europe and have left a wealth of literature for this wonderfully sonorous line-up - a string quartet with four cellos. Performed by Cello Classics' founder, Sebastian Comberti with  his cello section from the London Mozart players, Julia Desbruslais, Ben Chappell and Sarah Butcher. Contains extensive notes by Andrew Stewart.

  • Wilhelm Fitzenhagen Konzertwalzer
  • Wilhelm Fitzenhagen Ave Maria Op. 41
  • Wilhelm Fitzenhagen Die Spinnerin Op. 59 No. 2
  • Jacques Offenbach Adagio
  • Georg Goltermann Deux Morceaux de Salon Op. 53
    No. 2 Nocturne
    No. 1 Religioso
  • Julius Klengel Four Pieces Op. 33
    1 Lied Ohne Worte
    2 Gavotte
    3 Wiegenlied
    4 Marsch
  • Julius Klengel Two Pieces Op. 5
  • Friedrich Grützmacher Consecration Hymn Op. 65
  • Guillaume Paque Souvenir de Curis
  • Jacques Offenbach Scherzo