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Mozartiana - CC1011


Sebastian Comberti - cello
Maggie Cole - fortepiano

Cello Classics CC1011

The works on this recording reflect the richness of the cello repertoire from the late 18th and early 19th Centuries.

Mozart's unfinished Sonata movement in B flat is here, having been completed by Annette Isserlis. The disc also includes works by Mozarts's pupils: J N Hummel's "Variations à la Monférine" Op.54 and Wölfl's Sonata in D Op. 31 are both beautifully crafted and make virtuoso demands on the performers. Together with the exquisite Mozart inspired sonata by Hélène Liebmann, this is a CD of exhilarating and unjustly neglected masterpieces.

Cello Classics' founder Sebastian Comberti and fortepianist Maggie Cole play on instruments of the period, bringing these works to light in all their true colours.