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Early Italian Cello Music - CC1016

Early Italian Cello Music

Richard Tunnicliffe - cello and bass violin
Paula Chateauneuf - theorbo
Sebastian Comberti - cello

Gabrielli, Taeggio, Frescobaldi, Salaverde


The long awaited CC1016 features Richard Tunnicliffe exploring the complete works for cello by Gabrielli, placing them in the context of other rarely heard early Italian contemporary pieces by Selma and Frescobaldi. Using both cello and bass violin for this project, Richard has deployed a varied continuo team of harpsichord, theorbo and 2nd cello giving a multitude of textures for this beautiful music.

  • Ricercar No.1 in g *        Domenico Gabrielli (1651-1690)
  • Divisions on “Susanne ung jour” +     Francesco Rognoni Taeggio
  • Ricercar No.6 in G *      Gabrielli
  • Sonata in G (1st version)**         Gabrielli
  • Ricercar No.7 in d **         Gabrielli 
  • Canzona No.5 “la Tromboncina” +      Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583-1643) 
  • Ricercar No.5 in C *      Gabrielli
  • Canzona No.7 “la Superba” **       Frescobaldi  
  • Ricercar No.3 in D *        Gabrielli
  • Canon for Two Cellos *          Gabrielli
  • Sonata in A *     Gabrielli
  • Ricercar No.4 in Eb *        Gabrielli
  • Canzona No.8 “l'Ambitiosa” +         Frescobaldi
  • Ricercar No.2 in a *        Gabrielli
  • Fantasia No.9 +        Bartolome de Selma y Salaverde (fl 1638)           
  • Sonata in G (2nd version) *         Gabrielli

 *   cello, standard tuning  C G d a
**  cello, tuning  C G d g
  +  bass violin