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Julius Klengel - CC1024

Julius Klengel - a Celebration


With CC1024, Cello Classics brings together many of London's finest cellists, in recordings of a number of works by Julius Klengel. Cellist, composer and influential pedagogue, Klengel's 'descendants' include Piatigorsky, Feuermann, Suggia and Pleeth, in turn producing most of the great cellists of today.

The ferociously virtuoso Capriccio for solo cello, played by Raphael Wallfisch, has rarely appeared on cd while other works receive their first recordings. Together with newly remastered recordings of Klengel himself, the cd closes with the ever popular and beautiful Hymnus for 12 cellos.

All the artists on this recording have given their services in aid of MS Research, a charity much associated with the late Jacqueline du Pré (1945-87), grand-pupil of Julius Klengel.

On this cd:-

  • Julius Klengel Capriccio on a theme of Schumann for unaccompanied cello
    Raphael Wallfisch
  • Julius Klengel Three pieces for 2 cellos and organ
    Sebastian Comberti & Sarah Butcher with Martin Ennis, organ
  • Julius Klengel Kleine Suite for 3 cellos
    Sebastian Comberti, Joely Koos & Sarah Butcher
  • Julius Klengel Impromptu for 4 cellos
    Sebastian Comberti, Julia Desbruslais, Ben Chappell, Sarah Butcher
  • Julius Klengel Hymnus for 12 cellos
    Cello Classics Ensemble :
    Sarah Butcher, Ben Chappell, Sebastian Comberti, Julia Desbruslais, Jane Fenton, John Heley, Josephine Horder, Guy Johnston, Joely Koos, Stephen Orton, Will Schofield, Bozidar Vukotic
  • Johann Sebastian Bach Sarabande
    Julius Klengel
  • Giuseppe Tartini Adagio
    Julius Klengel
  • David Popper Mazurka
    Julius Klengel
  • Bernhard Cossmann Tarantelle
    Julius Klengel

Julius Klengel - Hymnus for 12 Cellos