Ascents of the Soul - CC5010

CD coverAscents of the Soul

Mie Hayashi

1616, the year in which England’s greatest and most celebrated poet and playwright died, was, more happily, the year in which one of the most original musical geniuses of the seventeenth century was born.   

Mie Hayashi’s debut solo disc, ascents of the soul, pays homage to the genius of Johann Jakob Froberger (1616-1667), 400 years after his birth in 1616. 

Ascents of the Soul pays tribute to these great masters of the harpsichord, these ‘brethren of the lyre’, who have left us in their own musical tributes to each other and to others such exquisite and soulful works for their instrument.  

Johann Jakob Froberger: 

  • Suite Vi in C major  
  • Louis Couperin
  • Tombeau De M. De Blanrocher 
  • Pavane in F sharp minor 
  • Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer
  • Suite in D minor
  • Jean-Henri D'Anglebert
  • Tombeau De M. Chambonnières