Vanishing Barriers - CC5011

CD coverVanishing Barriers

The String Quartet music of Rachel Stott

played by the
Callino Quartet

Vanishing Barriers features the superb playing of the Callino Quartet in string quartet music by English composer Rachel Stott.  This collection includes two of the composer’s full length string quartets, No. 2 'The Enchanted Lyre' and No. 3 'Wind Through a Symmetry', as well as several shorter pieces. An arrangement of the Irish tune 'Cailín ó chois tSiúre mé', from which the Callino Quartet takes its name, concludes the disc. Displaying an exquisite range of tonal colour and exceptional virtuosity, the Callino Quartet interprets these works with commitment which will engage both connoisseurs and listeners less familiar with contemporary music.

  • Fugue in Bulgarian Rhythm 
  • String Quartet No. 3 – Wind Through a Symmetry
  • String Quartet No. 2 – The Enchanted Lyre 
  • Straw Bubbles II 
  • Moto Perpetuo 
  • Six Ragtime Arrangements
  • Cailín ó chois tSiúre mé