Conversations - CC5012

CD coverConversations

David Shemer &
Monika Minkin


This CD is a conversation between the old and the new. Writing for an “ancient” instrument gives the composers an opportunity to explore how the old style can be incorporated in our modern life. Hence the richly eclectic style of Planyavsky, exquisitely melodious but not devoid of bold forays into the realm of aleatorics and seriality; elegant neoclassicism of Prokofiev and Jakoulov; clear allusions to Scarlatti in Aloni’s Hommage; the mix between the early form and the 20th century jazz in Brener's Ciaccone; the violent clash between the orderly and the chaotic, between quotations of Bach and uncompromising modernity in the works by Segal and Zehavi.

  • Peter Planyavsky - Quatre Pièces (1978)
  • Uri Brener - Ciaconne alla Zappa (2014)
  • Anna Segal - Postscriptum (2006)
  • Netta Aloni - Hommage to D. Scarlatti (2005)
  • Peter Planyavsky - Drei ernste Gespräche (1978)
  • Jakov Jakoulov - Partita (1995)
  • Oded Zehavi - Balade (2014)
  • Sergej Prokofiev - Polka and Waltz from Eugene Onegin (1936)